Photons Sensibiles – Animal Shots from Tioman island.

Check out this website, in particular the Malaysian Microsomos (Invertebrate species), Malaysian Cousins (Primates) & Malaysian Bird pages.

All photographs were taken by Eric Duchâteau, a Belgian-French amateur photographer who has managed to take some incredibly detailed & breathtaking shots of various animal species present on Tioman Island, Malaysia.

The tiny detail on many of the insect species is captured by the high powered lenses.

Most of these photographs were taken during nature walks & expeditions carried out by myself & Nick Blamire-Brown whilst we were carrying out undergraduate ecological research in the proximity of rainforest nearby Kampung Paya, Pulau Tioman. Tioman is one of the largest islands found off the east coast of Malaysia, well known for it’s extraordinary wild life and untouched natural beauty, something which is becoming a rare site as Malaysia continue to devastate their rainforests for the production of palm oil.

Stingless bee


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