Giant Panda Conservation – Extinction for the Greater Good of Conservation?

From the large black eye patches, adorably fluffy fur & their cute docile persona, the Giant Panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) provides the Earth with a perfect flagship species. Since 1961, the Giant Panda became the icon, the flagship species for the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) the Worlds leading conservation organisation and for years to come, consequently becoming the face of conservation itself.

However what is deemed as a ‘successful’ conservation programme, which has taken years of experimentation to allow for panda populations to once again rise in their native bamboo forest habitat, albeit the majority of the habitat now being classed as protective reserves, uses vast quantities of money year on year in order to keep this one species alive. Is it truly worth keeping this one species, whom some deem to have evolved themselves into a dead end of an ecological niche? Or would it be more worthwhile spending the panda funding elsewhere, say towards… protecting biodiversity hotspots or ecosystems on a whole??

Unfortunately people will not invest and give their hard earned cash towards saving the ravishing Chine Giant Salamander…

What a babe!

What a babe!


The following link will take you to a prezi presentation on the regarding matter. What are your thoughts on the Giant Panda?


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